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If You’re A Photographer You Should Be Using Snapchat — Vantage — Medium

Use a platform that demands users’ attention

If you’re a photographer, you most likely use social media to promote yourself and share your work. To be more specific, you probably use Instagram. It might be the number one social media platform for photographers, but Instagram limits you and your reach. Snapchat is a fresher and more effective platform for connecting.

At first glance, Snapchat seems like a horrible social channel for photographers — no discovery system; no likes; no comments to speak of really; you can’t link out; you can’t upload content from your phone (this is very frustrating for photographers) and your content only lasts for 24 hours! All very good reasons to downplay Snapchat. But if you do, there’s one thing you’re missing: the attention.

Attention is the only thing that matters with social media. MySpace was a great social media platform, but no one is paying attention to MySpace anymore. Instagram’s power is in its massive users, paying attention every day. But Instagram hasn’t the monopoly on attention. Snapchat is now winning the attention game.

When people consume content on Snapchat, they’re paying attention for two reasons.

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Snapchat in a Nutshell: Visual Storytelling in the Moment – Envato Tuts+ Photo & Video Article


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